gowns are made by the designer in "standard" sizes, but brides come in all shapes and sizes!
we are here to make the gown of your dreams fit your body perfectly. 

what services do we offer?

These are the types of alterations that most every gown needs:

Straps up - lets shorten those straps so they stay on your shoulders!  This will also help support the bust and bodice of the gown, and get the waist in the correct position.

Sides in - your curves may be different than the designer, so we will shape and taper the sides of your gown so that it will contour to your torso perfectly.  Having a well fitting gown at the waist will also help hold the gown up and in place, especially those strapless gowns.

Hem - we will shorten the front of your gown to match your height (with shoes on) so that you don't trip on your gown.  This will not change the length of your train, as we shorten in the front and taper the hem at the sides.

Bustle - the train of your gown is an iconic part of a wedding dress, but can be a cumbersome tripping hazard if not addressed.  A bustle is a way of attaching the train to the main portion of the gown so that the train becomes floor length.  This can often be done invisibly with clear buttons and coordinating ribbon.  We will design a bustle that will blend seamlessly with your gown style, and teach you (and your designated helper) how to attach the bustle, so that after photos and the ceremony you can dance the night away!

general alterations

These are beyond the standard alterations, but not yet into the custom designs:

Raising the waist - if you have a shorter torso than the design of the gown, it may be necessary to detach the skirt from the bodice and move it up, this is more commonly needed in gowns with a more full skirt.  

Shortening or removing the train - when the train is too long for your preference, we can shorten it to your desired length.  You still may need a bustle if it's beyond a slight sweep on the floor.

more involved alterations

These types of alterations drastically change the overall design of your gown, and may require additional materials to be ordered from your gown designer:

Creating modesty - we can accomplish this in many ways.  The most simple way is to place lining in any sheer areas of the gown, or covering the sheer areas with lace.  More complicated ways of creating modesty include raising the neckline and/or back, adding straps, or sleeves.  

Adding or extending straps or sleeves - while it's easier to just extend something existing, we can also create a new design from scratch.  We can also accommodate many different styles of sleeves, from crepe to lace, fitted to bell sleeves, cap sleeves to full length.

Extending a train - need more drama?  Depending on the type of fabric we can extend a train to any length.  Some fabrics lend themselves better for this: tulle and organza may be better at hiding any visible seams, while satin and mikado would be much more visible.

custom designs

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