Typically, you will need three appointments to complete your alterations.  This may change depending on the ease or complexity of your alteration needs, and can be discussed at your first appointment.  Read on to learn what to expect at each meeting!

what can I expect at my appointments?

the alteration process

Unless we have added additional fittings after your second, this will be your last fitting!  When you put your gown on this time, all the work should be completed.  Together we will review all the work that was completed, and make sure that all aspects have been done to your satisfaction, and that your gown fits you like a glove!  At this last fitting, we can also make arrangements for your gown to go for steam and press.  We will also discuss what to do on the day of your wedding, and any tips/tricks for getting your gown to sit perfectly on your body.  If any "fashion tape" is recommended, we will go over how to use it and where to place it.  Be sure to also bring your designated person to help with the bustle of your gown.  Together we will review how and when to bustle your gown, and any tricks for making it easy.

final fitting


At this second appointment we will be checking all the work that we planned during the first fitting.  We will make sure the straps and bodice are fitting you correctly and comfortably.  If any customizations are being done, we will check them at this time to make sure we are on the right path.  This is the appointment where we will determine if more adjustments are needed to the completed work, and add additional fittings as needed.  We are happy to make changes to completed work to be sure the gown is fitting exactly how you prefer.  If all is going well, this will be the time to mark the hem (front of gown length) and review your bustle options.  There are several ways to bring the train up so that it's not dragging on the ground, and we will show you what those are.  You may also bring any accessories you are considering wearing, to be sure the whole look works well together.  As an expert in bridal, we can help you make decisions regarding your bridal style.

fitting check, hem & bustle


At your first appointment we will talk about a lot of things... how the gown fits you, how you would like it to fit, what concerns you may have, any customizations you may want, and timeline.  You'll get to put on your gown, and we will start the initial pinning.  The first thing we like to fit is the bodice.  Once we get the straps to the right length, the bodice will sit correctly, and then it can be taken in on the sides to fit your exact curves.  Having the bodice sit correctly and fit well on your body will change the way the rest of the gown hangs on you, which is why it's so important to accomplish this before looking at the hem and bustle.

consultation/first fitting


Please be honest with your concerns so we can address them right away.  Being shy about discussing your concerns will not give you the results you desire.  Please be punctual to your fittings, and call if you’re running late, we run a tight schedule seeing multiple brides per day.  If you find that you no longer need your appointments, please cancel them asap, this may allow another bride to be able to utilize us for their alteration needs.

is there anything else I should know?

Typical alterations can range from $450-$800, customizations may cost more and are determined on a case-by-case basis.  You can expect to pay a 50% deposit at your first fitting, and the balance at the final fitting.  We can accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards (Visa/MC/Disc).

what should i budget for alteration costs?

If your gown has any length of train and you are not changing into a reception dress, you'll want to have a way to attach the train to the back of your gown to make it floor length.  This way, you will not have to drag the train around or trip on it during your reception.  Usual fasteners for a bustle are loops, buttons or hook-and-eyes, or ribbons.  During your last fitting we will teach you and your friends/family how to attach the bustle.  We encourage video taping the bustling process at your final fitting for help on the day-of.  It can be pretty complicated, and during the excitement of your wedding day, you'll be glad to have help and a video explanation.

what is a bustle and do i need it?

Please bring your actual bra/bra cups, body shapers, and shoes to every appointment.  All items should to be the ones you are planning to wear.  Purchase these items closer to your first fitting if you are unsure what will work best to allow for a return window.  We can help you determine which if any undergarments/shapewear would be best for you and your gown.  You may also bring any accessories that you are considering wearing, and if needed, we can assist you in selecting the best items for your bridal style.

what do I need to bring to my appointments?

Due to the limited availability of qualified bridal seamstress, you should contact us as soon as you have received an estimated ship date from your bridal shop.  It's much easier to plan appointments in advance, than try to squeeze them in at the last minute, ensuring that you will receive the best care possible.  In general, you should plan 3-4 months for alterations, with the final fitting within 2-3 weeks of your wedding date.  If significant changes are needed, it may be necessary to start alterations sooner to allow time for fabrication of custom items.  If you aren't sure how complicated or easy your alterations will be, we can always schedule a consultation far in advance, and plan the rest of the appointments based on the initial meeting.

how far in advance should I schedule?

You will need to let us know your actual wedding date or date of departure if it is a destination wedding. Please describe the areas of your gown that need attention as best to your ability.  If you have special modifications. LDS bride, modesty concerns, adding sleeves, major neckline changes, etc, this is very helpful to know in advance.  If you can share the gown designer and style number with us, we can do some research on your gown prior to your first appointment.  Most importantly, we would like to know the expected ship date of your gown, to best plan and schedule your appointments.  

what information is needed when scheduling my first appointment?

what else do I need to know?

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